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Motorola Wireless Broadband for Manufacturing

Manufacturers in today's rapidly evolving economic environment are coping with a number of major, business-altering issues: globalization, increased competition, more stringent regulations, shortages of qualified workers and rising costs. The MOTOwi4 portfolio of wireless broadband solutions enables both process and discrete manufacturing environments to access, move and manage any type of information— including voice, video and data—in real time.

Only Motorola understands wireless inside and out. The MOTOwi4™ portfolio of end-to-end wireless broadband solutions provide reliable, secure connectivity in the office, on the factory floor, in the field and on the road. These solutions help manufacturers maximize communications, improve operational efficiency, control costs, increase productivity and tighten security.

MOTOwi4 Benefits Help Manufacturers Optimize
Operations Performance and Productivity


The MOTOwi4 portfolio of complementary high speed wireless solutions enables process and discrete manufacturing environments to move and manage IP-based voice, video and data in real time. The result is streamlined operations and data visibility from virtually everywhere, decreased production and delivery inefficiencies, improved personal, premises and data security and strengthened supplier and customer relationships. MOTOwi4 provides a robust, scalable, interference tolerant industrial wireless broadband infrastructure that extends the mobile edge and provides real time visibility into every part of the supply chain, delivering:

Enterprise-Wide Coverage and Connectivity

MOTOwi4 solutions connect workers and functional areas throughout the organization - from indoor office space and plant floors to outdoor docks and remote sites like warehouses. The result? Improved communication and increased collaboration that can significantly strengthen competitive advantage.

Converged Networks

Our solutions enable manufacturers to transmit voice, video and data on a single converged IP network. The MOTOwi4 network architecture integrates disparate legacy systems, and offers the industry’s most flexible deployment options including fixed, portable, nomadic and mobile.

Improved Safety

In today’s increasingly security-conscious business environment, MOTOi4 digital video surveillance solutions help protect the safety of personnel and capital equipment. Any combination of mobile and fixed surveillance configurations is supported, helping manufacturers enhance safety at headquarters, in a single plant and at remote facilities.

Enhanced Network Security

Employing a wide range of authentication protocols as well as DES and AES over-the-air encryption standards, MOTOwi4 multi-layered security solutions help manufacturers maintain the high levels of data confidentiality and integrity today’s business and regulatory environments demand.

Business Continuity Management

MOTOwi4 networks can be used as backup architectures to help manufacturers avoid costly downtime. In addition, they can be quickly deployed when disaster disrupts wired communications.

Continuous availability of data also enables manufacturers to comply with regulatory requirements for product traceability and waste tracking, as well as adhere to ISO 9000 quality standards.

Manufacturing’s End-to-End Wireless
Broadband Ecosystem

Motorola Manufacturing Solutions combine wireless infrastructure, radio frequency identification (RFID), bar codes and mobile computing products to capture, move and manage data at the point of activity. Only MOTOwi4 provides manufacturers with a comprehensive high-speed ecosystem that delivers the secure, pervasive coverage and mobility that enables information to flow seamlessly inside the plant and warehouse and outside in the field, on the road and throughout the supply chain.

Freedom from Wires

MOTOwi4 solutions let you deploy equipment to complement and complete your existing networks, even in areas where wiring is difficult or dangerous.


Our wi4 indoor and remote field monitoring solutions deliver real-time problem alerts and empower technicians to monitor machine performance and perform remote diagnostics.

Leased Line Replacement

Many manufacturers replace expensive T1 leased lines and leased PBX systems with more cost-efficient wireless IP connectivity.

Digital Video Surveillance

Our advanced video surveillance capabilities help manufacturers minimize loss, guard against intrusion and enhance personnel safety.

Real-Time Location Systems

Track personnel, equipment and other assets over the network in real time, providing for improved efficiency and increased safety.

Warehouse Management

Combine high-speed wireless LANs, handheld devices and RFID technology to enable cost-saving solutions such as just-in-time inventory in the warehouse and on the factory floor.

MOTOwi4™ Manufacturing Resources

System Brochures

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Videos and Webinars

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White Papers

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