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wi4 WiMax

Motorola wi4 WiMAX

Wireless IP Communications for a Diverse Set of Customers and Services

WiMAX is a powerful technology. It differs from all mobile networks deployed to date in that it uses IP at the network layer for all communications. This fundamental difference is the source of its power. Motorola’s wi4 WiMAX is a versatile, multi-service platform that delivers the power of WiMAX with the flexibility needed to create solutions that serve your specific market requirements and service types. Motorola enables you to deliver a personal media experience to your end-users.

End-to-end WiMAX solutions that address the full scope of your deployment requirements

Motorola wi4 WiMAX leads the industry in versatility. Whether you plan to offer service spanning broadband access, fixed voice line replacement, mobile data access, or full mobile communications you will find that Motorola’s portfolio offers the products and services you need to meet your unique goals. Motorola has products at every tier that enable fast time to revenue and high profits. This unique versatility is designed to enable even a diverse set of customers to choose from the wide array of business models possible with WiMAX. With Motorola wi4 WiMAX, you have all the options necessary to make WiMAX a business success regardless of your region of the world and whether you are a new operator or have existing business in wireline, wireless, or ISP services.

Key Benefits

  • Industry acceptance by a growing population of more than 520 companies that are members of the WiMAX Forum™ - as of November 2007
  • Infrastructure, deployment and CPE cost less than competing broadband technology
  • Advanced telecommunications technologies line-up: S-OFDMA (Scalable – Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiple Access) – more bits per hertz and improved mobility performance; all-IP architecture – cost effective; MIMO (Multiple Input Multiple Output) and Smart Antennas – better coverage.

Typical Users (License Holders/Service Providers)

Wireline Operators

Compete in new geographies and add mobility to their existing subscriber base.

Wireless Cellular Providers

Operate in new geographies and add data-play (2G operators) or complement data-play (3G operators).

Wireless Internet Service Providers

Become a network operator and provide mobility as an option to customers.

Cable Operators

Reach business customers with data-play and add mobility.

Typical Users (Customers)

Enterprises & Municipalities

Keep workers and facilities connected to access company networks and applications.


Offer Internet connectivity and Voice over IP (VoIP).

Motorola wi4 WiMAX Products & Services: Market -leading and Available Today

Motorola’s products and services lead the market in innovation, enabling you to have confidence that your WiMAX business venture will be a success. Best of all, our market-leading products and services are available today and currently delivering WiMAX 802.16e service to end-users around the globe.

Market-leading solutions:

ACCESS POINTS Wide breadth of options to enable a best-fit network
ASN GATEWAY Optimized mobility for super-low latency
FIXED & NOMADIC DEVICES Powerful performance that reduces overall network cost
MOBILE DEVICES Cool designs that enable the personal media experience
IMS & SDP Scalable platforms to enable and monetize rich applications
MOTOROLA SERVICES Comprehensive services that deliver optimal networks

wi4 WiMAX Featured Components:

Motorola's wi4 WiMAX solution is designed with the flexibility needed to keep your service options open. Choose to go directly to mobile service, or lower your initial CapEx costs and time-to-revenue by offering fixed service first. Motorola's entire portfolio of products is designed to make this transition easy.

CPEi 850

The award winning Motorola wi4 WiMAX CPEi 850 combines a Wi-Fi router with data and voice connectivity and is Wave 2 ready.

CPEi 300

This award winning, stylish, cost effective Customer Premises Equipment (CPE) was designed for high-speed data and voice applications.

WAP 400

wi4 WiMAX WAP 400 Access Point with light infrastructure for flexible deployments and Multi-input/Multi-output (MIMO) antenna techniques.

CPEi 750

The Motorola wi4 WiMAX CPEi 750 Customer Premises Equipment (CPE) is Wave 2 ready and offers data and voice connectivity in an ultra slim package.

WAP 800

wi4 WiMAX WAP 800 Access Point with light infrastructure for flexible deployments and beamforming antenna techniques.

CPEo 400

Featuring extended coverage and capacity, this outdoor CPE is unobtrusive and simple to install.

WAP 600

wi4 WiMAX WAP 600 Access Point with high power and Multi-input/Multi-output (MIMO) antenna techniques.

CPEi 150

With high performance and plug-and-play convenience, the CPEi 150 and is Wave 2 ready and puts fast, reliable, high-speed data access in a sleek package.

PCMw 200 Wireless Card

The Motorola wi4 WiMAX PCMw 200 is Wave 2 ready and delivers high-speed connectivity straight to your laptop.

wi4 WiMAX Access Service Network (ASN) Gateway

Motorola's ASN Gateway connects the WiMAX radio network to the IP core, facilitating optimized mobility and efficient scalability.

MOTOwi4™ WiMAX Resources

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