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Santa Cruz Gunlocks

For more than 30 years, Santa Cruz Gunlocks, LLC has been a proud provider of equipment to the law enforcement community for mounting and securing firearms. We lead the industry in providing effective, easy-to-use gunlocks and accessories, and are constantly improving our products.

Santa Cruz Gun Locks

Model SC-1 Pump Shotgun Lock

The ancestor of today’s pump shotgun lock was designed by Smith & Wesson in the early 1930’s. The original design was so good that it remained virtually unchanged for 54 years. In 1988 we further improved this time-tested gunlock by incorporating a manual key override into the design, so the lock could be opened even in the case of a power failure. Since then, our camlock design has become the industry standard for pump shotgun locks—its simple, reliable and fits most standard pump shotguns.

This gunlock will last longer than your cruiser and maybe even your weapon

Model SC-1 AR Large Gunlock

By 1990, we were getting daily requests from police departments asking for a larger and more versatile gunlock to secure their patrol rifles and semi-automatic shotguns. Our answer was the SC-1 AR Large Gunlock, which is basically a large pump shotgun lock with an adjustable plate in the bottom of the weapon cavity, which can be moved up, down or in an angle to accommodate a variety of firearms.

We were careful to keep essential components interchangeable with the Model SC-1 pump shotgun lock in order to provide an economical solution to secure a variety of guns. There are other types of manual override keys available for this lock.  A 7/32″ allen key is shipped with each lock to move the adjusting plate up and down or in an angle to cater to a tapering fore stock (Colt AR-15, etc.).

Model SC-1 B Barrek Gunlock

The Barrel Lock is a simple and flexible variation of the proven SC-1 gunlock that is heavily favored by correctional institutions and the US Border Patrol. The weapon cavity is perfectly sized to grab the barrel of most shotguns and rifles, which makes the SC-1B an exceptionally versatile gunlock. Oftentimes when nothing else seems to work, the barrel lock is there as the final solution.

A solid aluminum block (part no. SC-1201) is secured with a screw inside the weapon cavity. The round gap that remains between the gate and the aluminum block is perfectly sized to grab the barrel of most shotguns and rifles.  To devise a simple and reliable setup, you will need a butt plate to hold the butt stock of the weapon. Install the SC-1B gun lock on the barrel right in front of the first obstacle. This will prevent anyone from pulling the gun out of the butt plate.

Remember…when nothing else seems to work, the SC-1B barrel lock is there as the final solution.

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