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Public Safety and EMS Sirens

Datatronics has partnered with Federal Signal to provide sirens for police department, fire department, and EMS vehicles.

Federal Signal

Pathfinder® Siren/Light Controller

Federal Signal Pathfinder® Siren/Light Controller

Pathfinder is a compact, programmable siren and light controller available with self-contained controls, remote surface-mount control heads, or handheld control head. Pathfinder is packed with features such as dual-tone and integrated Rumbler traffic clearing capability along with optional Federal Signal Vehicle Integration/On-Board Diagnostics (OBDII) integration. Pathfinder is easy to install and incorporates Convergence Network Configuration Software to provide a high-level of customizable control capability. Convergence Network Configuration Software is available as a download from the Federal Signal website making it easy to program one vehicle – or an entire fleet – from your laptop.

Controller Features

Pathfinder provides the user with customized control of the siren, warning lights, directional lights, and other accessories. Pathfinder can control the SignalMaster™ directional functions in light bars, ILS systems, and “stick” lights that are compatible with FS Convergence Network as well as Latitude™ 3-wire SignalMaster. For convenient visual reference, the Pathfinder emulates the selected pattern of the SignalMaster operation.

All controller options feature programmable push-buttons that can be programmed for press-on, press-off, momentary, and multiple different blinking styles. The button brightness can be dimmed or turned-off for stealth operation. Over (100) labeling stickers, such as alley, gun lock, and wail allow for further customization of the control head. 

PA300 Series

PA300 Series Siren

Value and Unmatched Reliability
The PA300 siren delivers exceptional value and unmatched reliability. This siren can provide either 100- or 200-Watt output to meet or exceed SAE J1849 and Class A requirements for sound when paired with a Federal Signal high-power speaker.

A Wide Range of Features
A wide range of features comes standard with any PA300 police siren. Included are 5 basic siren tones, TAP II (horn-ring transfer), PA, radio rebroadcast, and air horn sound with siren override. TAP II allows for effective intersection traffic clearing capability without having to remove your hands from the steering wheel or your eyes from the road. There is also a “Press-and-Hold” function, depressing and holding the horn ring will produce an alternate sound for as long as the operator keeps the horn ring circuit depressed.

Noise-canceling Microphone
The siren’s PA volume level can be controlled with a rotary GAIN switch located on the unit’s backlit front panel, and radio rebroadcast volume is adjustable via an easily accessible rotary pot. The PA300 siren also includes a permanent noise-canceling microphone that produces high quality voice reproduction without feedback squeal, and the microphone’s push-to-talk switch will override any siren tone for instant PA use.

MS4000 Series

MS4000 Series Siren

Efficient and economical traffic clearing mini-siren

MS4000 offers value-packed, reliable performance with effective traffic clearing capability. Reliability is increased and operating temperature is decreased in the design of the MS4000 with the use of advanced rail circuitry and low-loss FET design arrangement.

Versatile and compact siren with built-in features

MS4000 mini-sirens provide 100 Watt output and meet Class A requirement when paired with any Federal Signal speaker. The mini-siren can operate from any 12-volt negative ground vehicle electrical system. It is protected against failure models, including reversed polarity, by a fuse that can be replaced without tools.

The MS4000 series comes with its own bracket and can be mounted virtually anywhere due to its compact size and lightweight construction. 

Simple siren activation

MS4000 can be powered via the vehicle’s power center or directly from the vehicle’s battery. WAIL, Yelp, Priority, Manual, and Air Horn are all standard on the MS4000. Two rocker switches control all the siren functions. One switch controls AIR HORN, MANUAL while the other controls WAIL/YELP. The AIR HORN/MANUAL switch rests in the neutral (center) position and activates a function when momentarily placed into the up and down position. The WAIL/YELP switch is a three-position switch with the center position being neutral.

650 Series Remote Siren

650 Series Siren

Federal Signal’s innovative 650™ series siren allows for all sound and light functions to be enabled by rubberized push buttons located on the unit’s compact (4.5"L x 2"W x 1"H) and easy to use microphone control head. The advanced microprocessor based amplifier exemplifies Federal Signal’s commitment to remain today’s unmatched leader in the field of siren technology.

Compact Microphone Controller

All siren and light functions are located on the 650 series microphone. Ten rubberized push buttons control three progressive “slide switch-like” positions, on/off, PA, Air Horn, Peak-and-Hold, tone switching, and up to 30-amps of additional auxiliary power. The microphone controller “snaps” into a small plastic remote junction box where PA volume and a secondary on-off switch are located, then runs directly to the 650 series amplifier. Both of these connections are plug-and-play via eight conductor telephone jacks. An innovative microphone holder that can rotate and pivot to almost any angle allows for a wide variety of installation possibilities.

Advanced Amplifier Design

The 650 series remote siren provides 100-watt speaker output and can operate from any 12-volt negative ground vehicle electrical system. It is short circuit protected and can be powered through an installed power distribution center (PDC), or directly from the vehicle’s battery. Reliability and efficiency is maximized by the use of advanced microprocessor based technology. The 650 series amplifier comes equipped with eight 10 amp light or auxiliary relay connections, is horn ring control ready, and has it’s own bracket mount to allow for quick and easy removal or replacement. Also provided is a 16.5' wire harness and all necessary hardware.

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