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Custom Truck & Vehicle Storage Solutions That Think Outside the Box

Rockland has the vehicle storage solutions your lifestyle demands! At Rockland Custom Products, we think outside the box to bring you the highest quality storage products, patented safety solutions, consoles, and other innovative accessories you need to take your vehicle to the next level.

Whether you are a First-Responder or an Off-Road Recreation enthusiast (or both!), you can trust that your custom truck storage system is made to the highest standards using the finest quality materials available by our team of professional trade craftsmen. We’re obsessed with quality and we never settle for “good enough.” And, neither should you.

We have custom vehicle storage solutions for any industry, including Law Enforcement, Fire, and EMS. It doesn’t matter what type of vehicle you own; we will create a one-of-a-kind storage system that’s designed for optimum fit and function. Some of the custom vehicle storage solutions we offer include:

  • Camping and hobby storage drawers
  • Half-bed slide-out storage systems
  • Drop-in console plates
  • Gear Clear venting systems
  • And more!

Best of all, designing your custom storage solution is easy because our experts guide you through every step.

Solutions & Services

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Law Enforcement

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Police officers put their lives at risk every time they leave the station. So, it is crucial for law enforcement to carry tactical weapons and related gear in their vehicles. At Rockland, we specialize in providing those men and women who protect us day in and day out with heavy-duty, fully customized police car organizers that are designed to keep their tactical gear safe, secure, and easy to access should the need arise.

Police Trunk Organizers Customized for Your Fleet


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Emergency medical service (EMS) vehicles carry a lot of life-saving equipment, almost all of which is sensitive and expensive. Therefore, these vehicles need to be outfitted with EMS cabinets that are designed to keep this equipment safe and secure when traveling at a high rate of speed while on route to someone in need. But the equipment also needs to be easy to access because seconds count when someone’s life is on the line. At Rockland, we manufacture custom emergency vehicle cabinets that meet these and many other crucial factors.

Our emergency cabinet is designed from the ground up for durability. We use premium heavy-duty materials to make our cabinets both lightweight and incredibly strong. And, because we secure our cabinets to your vehicle using our patented Secure Platform System, you never have to worry about your EMS cabinets becoming loose or misplaced even in the event of an accident.

Emergency Cabinets Custom-Made for Your Fleet


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Fire trucks do not only transport firefighters to the scene of a fire, they also transport all the gear and equipment these valiant men and women need to save lives and protect property. And, because facing a fire calls for quick response, this gear needs to be where firefighters can find it every single time. At Rockland, this is what our fire fighting cabinet is designed to do.

Our fire truck cabinets are designed to keep all your essential tools, equipment, electronics, and other valuable gear safe and secure at all times, so you don’t have to waste a minute looking for a crucial life-saving item. Custom-fabricated from extra-strong heavy-duty materials, our cabinets are secured to your vehicle using our patented Secure Platform System, which keeps the cabinets safely in place even in the event of an accident.

Fully Customized Fire Chief Truck Cabinets

Outdoor Recreation & Overland

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Many of our customers know Rockland because of our work in the Fire and Police industries, but Rockland designs and engineers the same durable, high-quality storage solutions and accessories for personal vehicles as well! Whatever your passion, a custom Rockland design can help you securely store your tools, equipment, weapons, and other belongings inside your vehicle.

Whatever you drive, wherever you want to store your items, Rockland can create something for you that is not only durable and functional but looks great too.

Designing with our team of experts is easy! Simply tell us what vehicle you have, what you need to store, and tell us any radios, technology items, or accessories that need to be incorporated and we can turn around a design to fit your needs very quickly. You can customize everything, right down to the colors, finishes, hardware, locks, and accessories! Many customers look at other customer designs on our Facebook and Instagram pages for inspiration or take pictures of designs they have seen in the field and send them to us. Get started on your Rockland build today!

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